it wasn’t until i began truly practicing the art of self-care that my creativity SEEMED TO “RETURN” TO ME.

When we feel our best, we do our best work in the world. We can be eating our greens and moving our body, yet no matter how ‘healthy’ we are or how many ‘life goals’ we kick, it can still feel as if like something’s missing; like there’s a whole side of ourself we’re not exploring.

You can only ignore your self-care practice and creative expression for so long. I know this for a fact and from experience! No matter how shiny our intentions, if we’re not really looking after ourselves, we’ll never be able to unlock our full creative potential. And let’s be clear: we’re not just talking about green smoothies and fitness here; we’re talking about mental, emotional and spiritual wellness too. That’s what Wild, Well & Creative is all about; this is an online course and community that provides a safe framework for you to practice self-care and explore your creative desires. 

Our focus is on developing a sustainable self-care practice that nurtures and rekindles your creativity and reconnects you… with you.

Everybody is creative and this course will help you use self-care to explore your own unique expression by embedding mindsets, habits, boundaries, routines and rituals into your daily life.


  • The course is comprised of five modules released over five weeks, and kicks off on Monday 1st May 2017.
  • Every Monday and Thursday you’ll receive an email with fresh course content to download and devour.
  • The guts of the content is delivered by audio, so you can listen and learn on the go. There’s also transcripts, for those who prefer reading. This will all be accompanied by your printable workbook, video tutorials and links to bonus resources.
  • You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, seek feedback, bounce ideas around and make meaningful connections with other likeminded souls.
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    As soon as I heard about Wild, Well & Creative, I felt called to dive in. And I’m so glad I did! I’m lucky enough to get to flex my creative muscles every day in my business, but I’d well and truly lost touch with my love for visual art. I was tired, distracted, stressed, and at serious risk of burning out. WWC gently guided me back to myself, and gave me permission to carve out space for ME. Before I knew it, I was prioritising self-care and self-expression, and I felt like a million bucks because of it! The happiness I felt as my paint brush hit the page for the first time in years was truly priceless. Thank you Claire and WWC for reawakening my creative spirit – not for money or validation, but purely for the simple joy of creating. After all, that’s what life is all about.


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    This course completely changed my daily routine which has helped me to be more productive by filling my tank first. It got me putting pencil and paint to paper and canvas and throwing out the old belief that I’m not creative. It also taught me the importance of connecting into my feminine energy and embracing my sexual expression without being ashamed or afraid. It helped me in my career also as I am in a very masculine role. WWC also assisted with my primary relationship, and understanding and working in partnership with men. The skills I have learnt during WWC have also helped me with coaching my clients and spreading the message to other women, which is changing so many relationships around me! 


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    Wild, Well & Creative truly tapped into something magical. Claire’s knowledge and wisdom that she imparted on this journey went above and beyond my own expectations. Her openness and willingness to serve was incredible and her ability to create a safe space for every woman to come out of her shell and speak about things or look at things they might not have for years. Just reading those modules each week was considered such a beautiful time of self-care for myself as her words would wash over me. I loved getting to be apart of WWC and the chance to tap into my own creativity – and trust me for me that meant being a more mindful and present person in my day to day life.



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    This is the best course I have EVER done! Wild, Well & Creative gave me permission to be myself and to fully unlock my creative ability in a fun, safe environment. Claire re-ignited that ‘spark’ in me that I’d lost for a little while. I now dedicate time for self-care and I always create from the heart. I can’t wait to do the course time and time again.


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    Claire and the supportive community of creative souls – thank you, thank you, thank you!lauren Since completing Wild, Well & Creative I’ve been able to define what creativity means to me and really embrace it, in so many of the forms it comes in –– cooking, in business content, even simply making an oil blend or a gift for a friend. Creativity doesn’t mean drawing and painting for me and that is 100% ok. If you’re in a similar boat and also let your serious side push your creative ideas aside, I can honestly say this course will help you flick the switch on that and have you creating freely in no time!


  • QuotesClaire Baker is RADIANCE, personified. Whether it’s instigating radical transformation via her workshops, or creating ripples with her words online, Claire is very clearly on a mission to empower women to honour their bodies, delight in their femininity, shake up their creativity… and honestly, to grab life by the horns and run wildly with it. If you’re on the hunt for a generous, loving and authentic guide — someone who embodies precisely what she teaches — here you are. Immerse yourself in whatever Claire creates, stat. You won’t be disappointed.


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    This course is absolutely magical and came at the exact right time for me. I was able to take a deeper look into what was holding me back from creatively expressing myself and truly honour my time, energy and self care. Every worksheet and audio training helped me to walk away with a much clearer perspective, a deeper understanding of myself and inspired me to approach life with a sense of peace and playfulness.


Here’s what we’ll be covering:

Before class begins you’ll receive a welcome pack of pre-course content, including a guide to getting the most out of this course, a list of recommended materials plus a framework for setting your intentions for the path ahead. Click below to read more about each week’s focus and content.

In our first module together we’ll begin by venturing inwards and leaning in to the idea that our self-care practice enhances our self-expression — but what does this unique relationship look like to YOU? What does it truly mean to take care of ourselves? I’ll share some of my favourite ways to source inspiration and ideas. We’ll start working on our scrapbooks, create a mood-board and play with a mindful movement meditation.

Creativity isn’t a static state – it’s an endless cycle of ebb and flow — as is our own energy! This week you’ll learn the power of intentionally aligning your life with your inner cycles and the seasons around us, and why setting boundaries, creating space and saying no is essential for your creative wellbeing – and how to (finally!) learn how to do it. This week’s tutorials focus on seeking inspiration in nature, painting and colour theory.

Rest is an integral, yet often over-looked element  of self-care. Our nervous systems are singing out (or screaming…) for some deep replenishment. This week we’ll be exploring and implementing a restful approach to your life. We’ll look at limiting beliefs that might be holding you back from actually STOPPING, as well as make time this week for PLAY! We’ll be having fun, being silly and connecting with your playful nature.

Change is always accompanied by a little discomfort, so this week we’ll focus on cultivating our creative confidence and expression. I’ll give you real insight into my own personal struggles with self doubt and ways in which I overcome it — regularly! We’ll make peace with our inner critics, befriend our inner artists and examine the role that resistance and fear play in our life. We’ll then dance it all out and try our hand at some creative writing. This is a big week!

In our final week, I’m taking you deep into the good stuff: we’ll be peeling back the curtain on why making your best art and taking the best care of YOU is intrinsically linked to how abundant you feel and how connected you are to your sexuality and balance of masculine and feminine energies. We’ll also be collaging, making patterns and seeing how it feels to use our body as the paintbrush… Not to mention a final chat on committing to this work moving forward and celebrating the pants off you!

Here’s exactly what’s included:

  • 5 modules of content, delivered over 5 weeks, via 2 emails per week. 
  • Pre-course guidelines with important dates and details, your art materials list and course guidance.
  • 12 audio lessons (downloadable MP3s) with accompanying transcripts. 
  • 12 video tutorials with guidance on making your own creative scrapbook and fun arty projects and practices.
  • A printable workbook filled with prompts, templates and exercises to accompany the audios.
  • Access to the private and supportive Facebook community for this round of the course.  
  • Weekly live Q&A video chats.


Course start date: Monday 1st May

Enrolment period: Tuesday 4th April –– Friday 28th April

Course duration: 5 weeks

Course payment: £87 (aprox. $145 AUD –– here’s a currency converter)
















Isn’t it time you honoured that sacred part of
yourself that’s crying out to be nurtured and expressed?


wild-well-creative-enrolments-2-683x1024I’m really busy and don’t have a lot of time for self-care or creative things. Will this work for me?

If this question is your heart’s first response, my answer is YES. The feedback I hear from women who have taken this course previously is that Wild, Well & Creative helped them to feel more spacious, ‘taken care of’ and productive. I’m all for less is more. We’ll be looking at the best ways to create more space in your life and how to set beautiful boundaries for yourself. I’ve made this course as accessible and easy to fit into a busy schedule as possible: the content is available via audio (so you can listen on the go) or transcript. There’s no such thing as falling behind; you’re free to download the content and work your way through it in your own time.

How many hours per week will I need to take this course?

You’ll need approx. two hours each week to listen to the audios, complete the exercises, play with the art tutorials and try the weekly adventures. Maybe a little more, maybe a little less. But you’ll find that the content you’re learning isn’t something that can be shut off from the rest of your life. My hope for –– in fact, the entire point of  this course –– is that you start embedding the habits and rituals of self-care and self-expression into your daily existence.

What software / technology do I need to access the course content?

You’ll need an email address, a device to listen to the audio content (either on your computer or the files can be transferred to your smartphone) and preferably access to a printer to print off the workbook. I’ll also send out a materials list with ideas for a scrapbook, art materials and fun things to create and get messy with –– I’ll be encouraging you to spend as much time off technology as you can!

I want to be more creative, but I’m not actually good at anything… Is this course still right for me?

YES! Everybody is creative! Though I’ll be guiding you through specific creative exercises (including drawing, dancing and writing), these are purely for the bliss of exploration. All the benefits are actually in the experimenting and playing and not in the final result. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a particular passion yet, or if you don’t think you’re particularly good at creative stuff. Basically, if you’re willing to let your hair down, embrace a beginner’s mindset, get a bit messy, and dive in heart-first, you’re going to get so much out of this course… even if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since primary school.

wild-well-creative-enrolments-3-683x1024I’m quite shy/scared… Is this course right for me?

I totally understand that feeling and believe me, it’s completely normal. I’ve made sure we have extensive time devoted to exploring the fears and resistance that arise when we try to do our best work and take care of ourselves. This course and our private Facebook community is the perfect place to pull back the curtain and bare your soul in a safe environment. But on the flipside, you’re also welcome to keep all your work private – there’s no obligation to show anyone what you’ve created.

Will you run this course again?

There are no confirmed future dates for this course.

Do you offer a refund if it’s not right for me?

Sure, I want you to feel awesome about making this investment in yourself. If you enrol and discover that it’s not right for you, simply send me an email before the start of week three and I’ll refund your payment. Just make sure you attach the completed worksheets for the first two weeks, so that I know you’ve given it a go.

What results can I expect from this course?

You know the whole ‘teaching a man to fish’ thing? That’s what this course is. It’s not about walking you through the process of creating one masterpiece during our time together (that would be like handing you a mullet). This is about equipping you with the habits, routines, rituals, mindset and skills that will enable you to take the very best care of yourself, so you’re able to go forth and express who you are in the world.


Course start date: Monday 1st May

Enrolment period: Tuesday 4th April –– Friday 28th April

Course duration: 5 weeks

Course payment: £87 (aprox. $145 AUD –– here’s a currency converter)







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